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Kevin Durant’s Career Highs In Points, Rebounds, Assists And Threes In A Game

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Welcome to the NBA All-Star weekend vacuum, otherwise termed as calm before the Al Jefferson-less 31-game storm. My name is Solomon Lieberman, and I’ll become the perfect host for the duration. Let’s started out.

Yes, Granger has not played above what 67 games in each the last two seasons, however, when he does play he scores at a time best one. Last season Granger averaged over 24 points per game, while collecting 3.5 boards, 2.8 assists, and an individual.5 steals per tournament. If you miss out on a top-notch small forward, Granger isn’t a bad option to finish up with, as such he in order to rated just below the elite three.

No one acquisition defines this organization. As the saying goes, superior health is greater than the sum of its equipment. Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett by their lone some don’t elevate this team from disappointing first-round exit to championship.

He has helped build powerful nucleus of new kd8 shoes, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook, but to have the franchise formerly in order to as the Seattle Supersonics and moving the particular his home town, when the people of Seattle wouldn’t budge on helping offer you a new stadium.

Andrew Bynum sprained his left knee on Sunday against Memphis. Bynum landed on his teammate Odom’s foot and didn’t have fun playing the rest of your game. The doctors did X-rays along with the results were negative. Health related conditions insisted on doing an MRI to Bynum additional medications sure he was well. After Memphis’s game Andrew was walking under his own power but limping just a little.

Stuckey, Mayo and Terry each average over 17 points per game, and Stuckey also leads gambling over nearly four.5 assists per game, though rookie point guard Flynn doesn’t trail by whole lot. The stat category Stuckey is dead last in is three-pointers caused. Terry, Richardson and Mayo lead escalating there, accompanied by Flynn, while Stuckey has hit less than 10 throughout the year.

Unless the Nets have a major trade up their sleeve as near future, the Nets need to shake up this lineup, especially with Yi Jianlian out at the minimum another month with a broken right pinkie children’s finger. New Jersey needs to order up a Barack obama Special, change for the sake of change, and they need try out it at a fast rate. Their next four games are against Toronto, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Milwaukee, teams that they’ll be fighting with for the playoffs when they’re still inside postseason picture by then you should. They finished this current excursion 1-3, and they physically get back to New Jersey for Wednesday’s game against Toronto. The hopes of the teams’ season may be staying in Oklahoma Place.